Meet the project

The first ever podcast that will bring Habbos together, share their stories and lives inside the community, and unfilters all what we always wanted to know about them, and the game.

With the support of our guests, hosts, producers and writers, we intend this project to become transversal across communities, generate debate and reach new audiences. After all, what are online game communities? How can they help develop new skills, reveal talents and discover new passions? Why do you still play Habbo? And why are video games so cool?

A great Bobbacast goal is to connect people through their cultures. The audio will be recorded in English but transcribed into different languages for a global understanding and at the same time promoting the inclusion of the deaf and hearing impaired community. You can access the full transcription at and translate to your preferred language. We hope to create a different experience and get to know Habbos better!

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Bobbacast Sessions

Habbo is a myriad of voices with different opinions. So why not listen to them more often?

Bobbacast Sessions takes a snapshot of what is going on currently in the Habbo community. With interviews and opinions from all over the community, this podcast aims to understand how #Habbo players are responding to the happenings in-game.

Enthusiastically presented by Elysse aka @LC22Habbo from .com! You can access the full transcription at

Why recording a Podcast?

There are tons of reasons why you should start your own podcast. But with Bobbacast, it should be emphasized how convenient it will be for you to get to know a little bit more of the community through audio. Also, we want it to be a fun and relaxed environment where hosts and guests can truly express themselves and get to know each other beyond the pixels. Additionally, it makes it easier for anyone who is interested in the game, virtual communities or is just simply inspired by people, to taste a different type of content and participate in the conversation.

Meet the Team

Bobbacast is an independent project not affiliated with Habbo at all nor trademarked by Sulake. It is solely created by a group of friends who met inside the platform. It is powered by the official fansite from Finland, which records, edits and publishes the episodes.

Both from Finland, Tomi who owns Fuusio is our audio and publishing manager, and Niklas -content manager for the Finnish fansite-, is our funny co-host alongside Inês from The Netherlands, responsible for transcriptions and keeping this website up-to-date. Across oceans, we count with the help of our listeners in translations and outreach.

Who will be the guests and what topics are going to be discussed?

For the launch of Bobbacast, guests will be community members who have been working very hard and creatively for years across the Habbo community. Curious already? From the beginning of fansites, to Habbo elections, programming or the love for games, you can expect many unexpected surprises. Also, we'll be accepting suggestions of guests and topics you'd like to see uncovered.

Wait, there's more!

Bobbacast is also present in Brasil. By using #BobbacastBrasil, you'll be able to interact with a whole new culture. Read more at

Bruno Rodrigues, creator of the social project InfoWars, is joined by the self-taught programmer Thiago Dalsochio in a relaxed conversation with some of the biggest names across the community. A podcast host himself, João Pedro makes the final cuts, which are then powered by Fuusio.

Cool! How can I listen?

Bobbacast will casually be aired on every podcast streaming platform, so stay tuned with us!

We'll be posting on Twitter at @bobbacast and launching the #bobbacast hashtag for conversation across social media. Additionally, you can also express your thoughts and opinions on the podcast’s Fuusio page.

For any questions, doubts or suggestions, please feel free to tag us using @bobbacast, or reach us by email at

Acknowledgements and kudos to all the guests and listeners who gave their time to participate and listen.

-The team,